Eleanorcats Até of Bengallys

Silver Mélanistique Spotted Tabby

Glitter : yes

Pedigree :
​Sire :   Eleanorcats Ushuaia
S. GP :    Mangosteen Sensation of Eleanorcats
D. GP:      Katarik Yerupaja of Eleanorcats
Dame :  Eleanorcats Blacky
S.GP    :     Sofysticats Blaxton of Eleanorcats
D.GP   :      Eleanorcats Héra
D.O.B.:   2020/08/03

Bengallys Hygie

Siver spotted Tabby melanistique

Glitter : yes 

Siamese Carrier

Pedigree :
​Sire :   Eestilinna's Gucci
S. GP :   Dimira Best's Elisey
D. GP:      Glam Shine Valere
Dame :  Khaleesys Asteria of Bengallys
S.GP    :     Solroyals Drakho of Khaleesys
D.GP   :      Khaleesys Willow
D.O.B.:   2020/12/14