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Shagio-chen Lizander of Amourichat

Ebony ticked tabby and white male
Pedigree :
​Sire :     Shagio-hen Maharadzsa
​S. GP :   Apocalyptica Tommy
D. GP:   Shagio-Chen Karmazsin
Dame :  Shagio-Chen Pussy Cat Doll
S.GP    : Birregin Kullurin Valssi
D.GP   :  AMogalo Flowers of Mystery Castle
Date de naissance-  5 octobre 2015

Tica - Supreme

CCA - Supreme

Just Oriamese Thunder of Amourichat

Cinnamon Male

Pedigree :
​Sire :     Justoriamese Jeremy
​S. GP :   Bestcats Brilliant Balance
D. GP:   Justoriamese Break Free
Dame :  Justoriamese Just Like Fire
S.GP    : Justoriamese Love the Way you Lie
D.GP   :  Justoriamese Fawntastic Times
Date de naissance-  26 octobre 2017

Just Oriamese Bring Me To Life of Amourichat

Blue Classic Tabby Female

Pedigree :
​Sire :     Justoriamese Love the way you Lie
​S. GP :   Siam Jewels The Red Baron
D. GP:   Classicori's Enticing Essence
Dame :  Classicori's Icey Infiniy
S.GP    : Classicori's Deeply Doubled
D.GP   :  Akitola's geisha
Date de naissance-  18 Octobre 2016